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Diet With The No Carb Food Lists

Thousands of people have experienced amazing quick weight loss with a diet based on the No Carb Foods List. Foods with no carbs help with losing weight because they allow your body to burn the fat stored in the belly, hips and other places instead of the sugars that are found in carbohydrates. The one problem with this type of diet is you can very quickly get tired of eating only one are two types of high protein foods. Luckily, there are some great no carb recipes that are available to you for changing your meals and snacks.

No carbs foods diets have been around since the beginning of time because our ancestors were mostly meat eaters. Almost all meats are no carbohydrate foods and thus they were naturally eating the kind of diet that we are trying to utilize today. Almost all low or no carb foods are found in the meat category of the government’s food triangle. There are a few vegetables that are zero carb foods but the majority will be something from the beef, chicken, turkey, pork, or fish categories. The reason for this is that meat does not store carbohydrates within the flesh. Therefore, most meats are almost all high protein low carb foods. A few shellfish store some carbhohydrates and you have to be careful of meat products that have fillers added. This could include meatloaf, sausages, and hot dogs. You can always look on the package and see how many grams are in a serving. If it shows some grams of carbohydrates then you know the food is not a truly no carb food and instead if it has just a few grams it is a low carb food.

Another great food is eggs. You can eat all the eggs you want without adding carbs to your diet but you do have to be aware of cholesterol. The cholesterol in eggs is stored in the yolk so if you are watching the amount of cholesterol you ingest you can just eat the egg whites. Egg whites are one of the best no carb foods available. You can also buy what I call “fake eggs.” These are the egg mixtures you buy in the box at the refrigerated section of your grocery store. They aren’t really fake, they are made with egg whites colored yellow to make them appear to be scrambled up eggs.

One thing people notice when they are looking at a list of no carb foods is that there are not any no carb fruits. The reason for this is the fruits naturally store carbohydrates. That is why they are sweet. You are tasting the fructose, which is also called fruit sugar, and this fructose or sugar is converted into carbohydrates in the body during the digestion process.Because of this no carb weight loss diets can not include high carb fruits. This is too bad because when we are looking for a no carb snack or no carb snacks we may think about an apple or an orange or a banana but these would be no no’s.

The only fruit I have been able to find is olives. They grow and trees and they have the seed inside the flesh or covering so they are considered fruits but they are not what most people think of as delicious sweet fruit. The fact that they are not sweet is why they fit into this type of diet. The olives are not loaded with sugar like other fruits so they do not contain carbohydrates.

Writing a simple no carb shopping list can be pretty easy. You mostly are looking for meats and animal products. For example, you can have butter and cheddar cheese but milk surprisingly enough has some carbohydrates in it so it is not a no carb food. You no carb grocery list can also contain oils. You can have peanut oil for flavor but you can not have peanuts because they contain carbohydrates. You can also have butter which is good for the flavor and also the butter and oils make it much easier to fry the foods you can eat. A taste change tip would be to fry your meats in different oils. Fore example, one day you could use peanut oil, the next day olive oil, the day after that try butter, and then sunflower oil. Each of these add a different taste to meat and it helps to vary the monotony of eating the same thing over and over.

Don’t forget spices either. Prepared yellow mustard is another one of the zero carb foods and it can really good at helping you with your no carb weight loss. Real mayonnaise is another condiment that can be used. Mixing mustard and mayonnaise together creates a tasty topping for beef and turkey. I don’t really care for it so much on pork or fish. Ketchup on the other hand contains sugar so it can not be eaten when you are striving to create no carb meals.

When planning your no carb menu don’t forget to include more exotic meats. If you or someone you know is an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman and hunts game this a great way to change the items on you diet. Venison and duck are very good meats to eat because they are lean along with being very high in protein. The Indians ate pemmican because the protein in the lean meats gave them long term energy supplies along with the fats added from the animals. Unfortunately, pemmican is not a good for us because it usually contained high sugar content berries. The sugar in berries would break down into carbohydrates in out bodies and that is what we are tying to get away from when trying to diet on no carb no sugar foods.

No Carb Food

There are generally two types of bad carb foods. The first is fruits because of the fructose and other sugars in the pulp. The second is grains. This is why we really don’t have a true no carb bread. Some breads made with grains can be considered low carb bread but if there are any grains at all it will not be no carb food. There are some recipes that claim to be no carb recipes for bread but they aren’t really a bread like you and I would think of them. Through out history breads have been made from grains and as I said grains are not on our allowed food list.

Not eating any type of bread product is one of the hardest aspects of this type of diet.Breads, cakes, cookies, and pies have become a real staple in the United States and other western countries. Wait a minute. These are the countries with the highest obesity rates and the fastest rising obesity rates in the world. Do you think there could be some kind of correlation there? This is what modern science is starting to realize. These foods that are high in carbohydrates may not be good for our bodies at all. A no carb menu is easy to develop and appears to be something our bodies are more in tune to use effectively.

Along with obesity another health problem of gigantic portions is diabetes. In particular, type II diabetes which is also called late onset diabetes. This term meant that in the past people started to be affected by diabetes late in life after they had spent years eating foods that over taxed their pancreas. Eating a high carb diet puts a lot of extra sugars into your blood stream. The pancreas manufactures insulin and this insulin is what converts the sugars into fuel for the body. You can think of the pancreas as a pump that pumps the insulin into the blood stream to convert the fuel. When we eat no carb foods and no carb snacks we are not forcing the pancreas to make insulin and thus we are not wearing it out.

When we eat a diet high in sugars and carbohydrates we are forcing the insulin pump to work overtime and eventually it can not create the insulin effectively. This is why people with diabetes need to take synthetic insulin. Their pancreas can no longer make what the body needs to function properly.

The really scary thing now is we are starting to see a dramatic increase in the cases of teenage and young adult type 2 diabetes. By getting away from a diet based on foods with no carbs and instead consuming foods loaded with carbs we are changing when this disease is affecting people. The list of no carbohydrate foods do not wear out the mechanism for converting sugars because insulin is not required to digest protein. It seems too many that we are forcing the disease of diabetes onto our young people by the diets they are following. It is not only a matter of weight loss and dieting, it is also a matter of life and death or the removal of a limb.

In our history, it has only been recently that we have eaten a lot of grains because we have not been farming that long. Most wild grains are not that palatable before they are manipulated by man with cross breeding programs and other techniques. Take corn for example. In its wild form the ears are only the size of your little finger and are almost inedible. It took hundreds and thousands of years of cross breeding programs to get the varieties we enjoy today. Corn is definitely not a low carb food so the term enjoy may not be the correct one to use. One of the major culprits in our increased rates of obesity and diabetes is high fructose corn syrup. This is made from the natural fructose sugars removed from the corn kernels. The big problem is that these natural sugars are then concentrated thus the term high fructose. This concentrated food is then consumed and the pancreas has to do not only double duty but triple duty in order to deal with it. You can learn more about this at No Carb Food on this blog.

The question many people are asking is what are we doing to ourselves and our children by not eating a diet of no carb foods and low carb foods? It appears as though our bodies are not designed to live off all these carbohydrates we consume today. Our society is getting warning signals in the form of increased obesity and diabetes rates throughout all age groups but primarily our children and young adults. If we would throw out the fast food and start eating no carb snacks we may make headway on solving this problem. No carb fast food is something that people look for all the time. The problem is most fast food is loaded with sugar and grains because they are cheap. Thus, if you are going to eat fast food you are going to be required to eat unhealthy levels of carbohydrates.

Focusing on no carb foods and no carb snacks may take some fore thought but that never killed anybody. On the weekend buy a turkey and cook it up while you are out doing something else. You can have heathy snacks from it for several days. Or precook a cheap roast. Even low cost roasts can be made succulent by slow cooking in a crock pot or in the oven on low. I take a low quality cut of beef and put it in a pan with a couple of cups of water. Cover and cook at 300 degrees for several hours. The water helps to get rid of the toughness of the low quality meat and it also helps to transfer the meat juices back to the roast for more flavor. Cook one of these on Sunday and you can snack on roast strips for several days. The thing is a no carb food list and no carb recipes are not that hard to construct. It really gets down to whether you want to spend the time to lose weight and be healthy or if your life is not worth giving a little extra effort.

Our current western diet would be much better if we included more no carb foods and low carb foods. Our bodies were not made to operate on these high levels of carbohydrates.You can stop the madness now by committing to eating more no carb foods and limiting carbs.